What is Formula SAE?

Formula SAE is an international engineering design competition that provides college students with the unique opportunity to enhance their engineering design and project management skills through practical application. We create a formula-style, single-seat race car over the course of a school year in order to participate in FSAE California competition every June. The competition is comprised of dynamic events to test the vehicle’s performance and reliability and static events to test the rigor and feasibility of the engineering design and business strategy. The competition pushes the boundaries of conventional learning, pushing students to develop skills applicable to the professional world that are overlooked in traditional school curriculum.

The Team

Our FSAE team at UC Berkeley goes by the name Berkeley Formula Racing. We are student run and organized with a diverse set of dedicated individuals. Although we are primarily a Mechanical Engineering organization, we have members from a variety of different majors including EECS, IEOR, ChemE, Physics, and Business. The team is arranged into ten different subsystems that work on specific parts of the vehicle: Aerodynamics, Brakes and Driver Interface, Business, Chassis, Drivetrain, Electrical, Electrical Solid Parts, Engine, Suspension, and Vehicle Dynamics.