In-person work on the car is starting on June 16th! After a year and a half of remote work, we are finally getting access to our garage space to finish B20 and start manufacturing B22. My name is Julia Pastis, and I am Team Principal of BFR. I’m so excited to be on this team through the transition to in-person work and out of COVID. To prepare for this season and the garage opening, our team has been finalizing designs in our Detailed Design Reviews and Final Design Reviews as well as in transferring knowledge to new leads. This summer will be a split between remote work for members who aren’t in the Bay Area and in-person work for those who are. Our first priority when back to the garage (besides sweeping) will be finishing the car we started before COVID (B20) and testing that car. During the fall, we’ll manufacture our next car (B22) and we’ll use the spring to begin development of B23 as well as to test B22. We’re excited to have the extra time in the spring to research some more advanced designs, such as turbo charging. We’re thrilled to finally be getting back to a normal year, and so thankful to everyone who has supported us through COVID.

Julia Pastis
Team Principal