Welcome to the home of Team Cal Simraceway, UC Berkeley’s Formula SAE team!

We design, fabricate, and compete with small formula-style racecars against other colleges from around the world, testing our engineering skills and creativity.

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Latest News:

June 24, 2014
Competition Results

Our team recently attended our annual competition in Lincoln, Nebraska with a goal of placing in the top ten. The competition was tough, we saw many great cars in Lincoln, and we came in 8th place overall out of the 80 teams! This is the best the team has ever done, and we are very proud that we met our goal.

The competition started with a rigorous technical inspection and pit setup on Wednesday. Due to the thoroughness of the inspection and the number of teams in line, we didn’t pass the inspection until Thursday morning. We proceeded to pass the tilt, sound, and brakes test. Some team members also gave our business and design presentations on Thursday, placing us 6th in the business presentation and earning us a spot as one of the seven teams picked to compete in design finals. This is the first year that the team competed in design finals. Thank you to our leads who worked to do analysis and make data driven decisions throughout the year!

On Friday we competed in the acceleration, skidpad, and autocross events. We were the fastest car without aerodynamic aids in skidpad, coming in 11th place. On Friday night we competed in design finals: we displayed the car for 3 hours for judges to come and ask the team questions about the car’s design. After the final round, we placed 6th in design.

The endurance event is on Saturday and it is the hardest portion of the competition. The car has to drive for a little over 20 kilometers without breaking, and only 29 of the 80 teams finished. The Berkeley team was the fastest car without aerodynamic aids, coming in at 7th place. We also placed 2nd in overall fuel efficiency during the endurance event.

Our success this year comes as a direct result of our leads’ and assistants’ time spent on design and manufacturing throughout the year. We would also like to thank our sponsors for helping us achieve these great results! We give a special thank you to our biggest sponsors, KLA-Tencor, Simraceway, the staff at the UC Berkeley machine shop, and Sonoma Raceway.

We look forward to the coming season and have already started brainstorming improvements for our new design!


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